Lands Store

LANDS store was founded in 2011, from an idea of ​​Rodolfo Farioli (historical dealer of Navico Italia), which has been in the sector for 15 years. Love and passion for electronics and the sea create a perfect union to make this activity not only a job but a real journey, which is carried forward day by day, trying to grow more and more and looking to give the maximum to the most exclusive and demanding customers. Everything that can be defined Elettronica is part of our journey: electronic navigation systems, home automation controls, software development, integration systems, electronic equipment, satellite systems ... LANDS solutions are realized with the involvement of all the figures that are necessary to reach our final goal, which is always to meet the needs of the owners. The staff is made up of about 15 people including collaborators, technical and administrative, each with distinct roles; in fact, to achieve maximum professionalism we need people with extensive knowledge and experience in each area. We are important distributors of many brands on the market, and our added value is to be able to provide practical assistance.

Rodolfo Farioli,
CEO & Sales

Massimiliano Farioli,
Co-Founder & Yacht Service Manager

Paola Tagini,

Sara Marangon,
PR & Account manager

Andrea Farioli,
Webmaster, Crestron software Developer

Emanuel Voltolin,
Lands Rent Division

Nicola Pasero,
Water toys & Tenders