We provide a range of dedicated profiles and shared profiles. Dedicated profiles (1:1) are designed and priced upon application while we offer 5 standard shared profiles too: they are available with 4:1 an 8:1 contention rate.

Obviously if you don’t find what you’re looking for in our standard offering, just ask us and we will shape a bespoke solution that fits your needs.


  • Total flexibility and top reliability: DGT VSAT platforms plus world class teleports
  • Based on the latest iDirect® Evolution IDX DVB-S2 technology with ACM (Adaptive Coding & Modulation) for optimal link availability & maximum data throughput
  • Increased service availability against adverse weather conditions with A-TDMA (Adaptive Time Division Multiple Access) on return links and automated uplink power control
  • Support of multiple routes with Automatic Beams Switching
  • Superior QoS management: remotes, in routes and networks
  • Fully integrated Security Management Layer based on Paloalto Networks technology allows control on applications, content and users
  • Open AIM support compatible with all major stabilized antenna systems (minimum antenna-size: 80 cm)
  • Automatic alerts and warnings anticipating potential network outages
  • Enhanced network performance statistics on network, in route, remote, application and IP packet
  • Beam-redundancy with alternative satellites in major cruising areas for blind spot resilience SERVICES


Ask us about your bespoke communication & entertainment solutions and we will work it out for you. Ask us about your very special wish and we will put our engineers at work on it. Some example of services we can provide through our platform:


1) Cost effective, with extensive coverage

2) Critical applications (data, voice and video) are supported through the use of quality of service (QoS)

3) Automatic beam switching

4) High-speed internet access, with either a dedicated or shared services

5) Robust, flexible and scalable service structures

6) Extensive 24/7 support, with professionals whom have been in the business for over 20 years

7) Logical and comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

8) Smart Satellite Internet system which allows for faster data transfer

9) Extensive communication structure, enabling reliable end-to-end information transfer

10) Guaranteed 99.5% uptime

11) Optimized service for TV streaming

12) Cost effective, with extensive coverage

13) Cost effective, with extensive coverage